Mr Craig Kocina

Rank: 1st Dan
Location: Palmdale, CA
Status: Inactive
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Craig was born in Lancaster, California on December 29th 1996, to the parents of Louis and Julie Kocina. He began his studies with Martial Arts (MA) at the age of 4 under the direction of Sensi Ward Albin.Craig earned his Yellow Belt rank of Rokkyu in 2002. Shortly thereafter, Craig began his studies with TKD, Jidokwan under the direction of Master Miller, and was promted to 1st Dan Black Belt after traing for 6- years.

Favorite Activities:

Teaching & mentoring other children, sparring, flying side kicks, piano and baseball.


  • Began studying Isshin-ryu / Shorin-Ryu MA in 2000
  • Earned the rank of Rokkyu-Yellow Belt 2002
  • Began studying and practicing TKD, Jidokwan MA in 2002
  • Promoted to Orange Belt in March, 2003
  • Promoted to Green Belt in January, 2004
  • Promoted to Blue Belt in September, 2004
  • Earned 1st Place in Full Contact Karate at the High Desert Championship-Palmdale, Ca
  • Promoted to Brown Belt in March, 2005
  • Promoted to Red Belt in September 2006
  • Promoted to Deputy Black Belt in March, 2007
  • Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt March, 2008
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