Miss Stephanie Yanez

Rank: 3rd Dan
Location: San Gabriel Valley, CA
Status: Active
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Ms Yanez Demonstrates Black Belt Bo Form #1

Ms Yanez Tested for 3rd Dan in October of 2013
San Jose, Ca TKD Jidokwan Training Center

I met Grandmaster Miller (GMM) when I was nine years old while living in the city of Duarte, California through a friend in 1993. Later that week I started a new journey that would forever change my life by attending my first class in Taekwondo, Jidokwan. I remember at the time, I was a shy and insecure kid who was unmotivated and had trouble focusing in class. Today I better understand my insecurities when attending school stemmed from a learning disability known as level 4 Dyslexia; this went undiagnosed until after I graduated from high school.

Over the years while attending the many classes taught by GMM, I learned kicking, punching, throws, forms, and breaking; however, the real lessons I have come to understand and live by are with respect, confidence, focus and most important, humility. As I now understand, this acquired knowledge helped me through school, college and work. Furthermore, I am often complimented with my work ethic, respect for others and drive in the workplace. I sincerely and truly believe that I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not attended that first martial art class back in 1993. I am confident that with given an opportunity, I will pass this knowledge to onto others.


  • Competed in the WKO Qualfiers 2005-2008
  • Earned Championship status with Kim's Hapkido Demonstration Competition 1996-2000


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