Mr Daniel Yanez

Rank: 1st Dan
Location: Duarte, CA
Status: Active
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Mr Santos Demonstrates Black Belt Bo Form #1

I started studying martial arts with Grand Master Miller (GMM) when I was 10 years old. From that early age on, I knew I found an activity that would shape my personality for the rest of my life. His school TKD Ji Do Kwan also known as ‘Steve”s Karate” at the time of my first class taught me respect, discipline, and the value of hard work.Today at the age of 23, I am proud to say that I am a United States Marine. I believe the teachings of GMM have helped me to make an easier transition into the Marine Corps life. I took a few years off when GMM relocated his school up into the high dessert of Antelope Valley; however, I have begun my studies once again with GMM, and TKD Ji Do Kwan. I am currently training for my 2nd Dan test which is scheduled for January 30, 2010. I will continue on this path for a long time to come. OOORAH!

Favorite Activities:

Military Life, Firing my service rifle and pistol, Maintaing an effective health and wellness program, Sparring and Competitions. Teaching: There is no greater achievement than to pass knowledge to the younger masses.


  • Taking 2nd place in my first Martial Arts sparring competition at 10 years old
  • After training hard for four years; receiving my 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Within those four years of training, placing no lower than third in all sparring competitions our school was invited to for competition.
  • Becoming a United States Marine
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