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Thank you for visiting TKD Jidokwan and Gajog Won Hapkido website. Home of the California United Taekwondo Jidokwan Federation; California United Hapkido Federation; and, Founder of “Jidokwan-Chi.” Our mission is to provide high quality martial art training and self-defense to any and all those who wish to learn enhanced ways of maintaining both physical and mental health through low impact training of the mind and body through mixed martial art training. Addtinally, we also promote the following training:


Training Includes:

1) The study and development of martial art techniques, forms, self-defense, and body ergonomics based on ones physical characteristics and abilities

2) Individual and team leadership development through practiced transformational leadership skills

3) The building of ones personal discipline, self-confidence, self esteem, and emotional intelligence through physical and social competence training drills.

For more information on Seminars, Group  and personal training sessions  contact:

Grandmaster Steven H. Miller. 408.660-9842 or at

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     1985 San Diego, Ca             GM Miller      Sr. GM Suggs     GM Witt



Southern California’s “High Desert Black Belts”

Dito       Eduardo    Stephanie         Caitlyn      GMM       Craig         Isaura       Jannet

San Jose, California Martial Artists 2012

Master Preader     GM Miller   Professor Magarita   Mr Wilkins

Thanks to this fine group of Martial Artist who unknowingly became my welcoming committee to San Jose , Ca in early 2011, my journey continues in the sake of brotherhood and camaraderie in the world of Martial Arts.

Thank you,





Black Belt Team Demo Day June 2013

Bryan Wilkins       Isaura Barillas       Aramiss Miller        Caitlyn gomez         Stepanie Yanez



GM Miller

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