Steve's Taekwondo Jidokwan

United Taekwondo Jidokwan Federation

Miss Isaura Barilas

Rank: 2nd Dan

Location: Palmdale Ca

Status: Active

In November of 2001, I enrolled in Steve's TKD-Jidokwan. I was inspired by a tournament the school was conducting, I was 13 years old then. I have been training now for 7 years and really enjoy the discipline, respect, and camaraderie of the sport. Also, I love teaching, and meeting new students and their parents. Martial Arts have become my other home and every student there is like my other family. I am currently in College studying business, and would like to eventually open my own TKD school with other students in the school. Special notes and achievements are listed below:

Favorite Activities:

Teaching, Bo work, sparring, and dance


Promoted to Senior Student January 2009 Promotion to 2nd Dan Black Belt April 25, 2008 2007 San Diego Grand Internationals: Women's 1st Place Sparring L/W.


Currently trains with Jack Muns of Young Champions in Palmdale Ca.


3rd Dan TKD Jidokwan / Gajog Won Hapkido



Ms Barrillias Prepares for BASKA Championship in San Jose Ca


Ms Barrillas Performs Korean WTF Form "Koryo"


Sister and Brother Demonstrate Defense Against Single Attack

Ms. Isaura Barrillas and Mr. Eduardo Barrillas


Ms. Barrillas Demonstrates Side Kick Mid-Section Break

Ms Barrillas Demonstrates Middle Reverse Punch