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Student Bios

Isaura Barillas: 2nd Dan Black Belt

In November of 2001, I enrolled in Steve’s TKD-Jidokwan. I was inspired by a tournament the school was conducting, I was 13 years old then. I have been training now for 7 years and really enjoy the discipline, respect, and camaraderie of the sport. Also, I love teaching, and meeting new students and their parents. Martial Arts have become my other home and every student there is like my other family. I am currently in College studying business, and would like to eventually open my own TKD school with other students in the school.

Special notes and achievements are listed below:

Favorite Activities:

Teaching, Bo work, sparring, and dance


Promoted to Senior Student January 2009

Promotion to 2nd Dan Black Belt April 25, 2008

2007 San Diego Grand Internationals: Women’s 1st Place Sparring L/W

Caitlyn Gomez: 2nd Dan Black Belt

I began my  journey with martial arts Taekwondo, Jidokwan in 1997 when I was 4 years old. My dad, who is Grand Master Miller, inspired me at a young age by placing me in open karate style tournaments when I was a yellow belt. I feel that my main focus in life is that I’ve always have and will continue to enjoy my journey through the study of mixed martial arts. Although, I am 18 years old now, I can honestly say it has been filled with, respect, courage, honor; and, a lot of discipline through the studies of TKD-Jidokwan and mixedmartial arts. I look forward to competing in the upcoming 2010 Grand Internationals in San Diego CA

Special notes and achievments listed below :

Favorite Activities:



Teaching, sparring, board breaking, dance, and movies

Training for 2nd Dan Black Belt


Served as Chief Instructor of TKD-Jidokwan, September, 2008-July 2010

Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt May, 2006

Promotion to 2nd Dan September 12, 2009

2006 San Diego Grand International: Women’s 3rd place Sparring M/W

Craig Kocina: 1st Dan Black Belt


Craig was born in Lancaster, California on December 29th 1996, to the parents of Louis and Julie Kocina. He began his studies with Martial Arts (MA) at the age of 4 under the direction of Sensi Ward Albin.Craig earned his Yellow Belt rank of Rokkyu in 2002. Shortly thereafter, Craig began his studies with TKD, Jidokwan under the direction of Master Miller, and was promted to 1st Dan Black Belt after traing for 6- years.

Special notes and achievements listed below:

Favorite Activities:

Teaching & mentoring other children, sparring, flying side kicks, piano, and baseball


Began studying Isshin-ryu  / Shorin-Ryu MA in 2000

Earned the rank of Rokkyu-Yellow Belt 2002

Began studying and practicing TKD, Jidokwan MA in 2002

Promoted to Orange Belt in March, 2003

Promoted to Green Belt in January, 2004

Promoted to Blue Belt in September, 2004

Earned 1st Place in Full Contact Karate at the High Desert Championship-Palmdale, Ca

Promoted to Brown Belt in March, 2005

Promoted to Red Belt in September 2006

Promoted to Deputy Black Belt in March, 2007

Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt March, 2008

Stephanie Lobos: Brown Belt Instructor

I was born November 21, 1989. My passion for Martial Arts (MA) began when I was very young. During my spare time as a child, I would watch MA films which finally inspired me to look into studying the sport. Fortunately at the time , my Uncle moved to the Antelope Valley who teaches Jidokwan, Taekwondo. His school was originally based out of Duarte, CA as a reputable mixed martial art system. I had visited it several times and got excited every time I went. So you can imagine how excited I was when he and is family moved to my home town area.  I have achieved the rank of Brown Belt and absolutely love the sport. I can remember inspiring GMM to take his school the their first International tournament in San Diego four years ago; now I look forward to going with the team in 2009. My goals are to continue training MA, and compete in as many tournaments while sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.

Special notes and achievements listed below

Favorite Activities:

Sharing my MA knowledge, sparring, meeting new people in the sport, and dance.

Attending College-Art History, and training for my Red Belt


Promoted to Red Belt-Fall 2008

Promoted to Brown Belt-Spring 2007

Promoted to Red Belt-Fall 2008-Pending Certificate

Jannet Cortez: Red Belt Instructor

My inspiration for Martial  Arts came while watching the movie “Karate Kid”. I have been involved in Taekwondo and Hapkido since 2007 where I joined Steve’s TKD Jidokwan. Since joining, this sport has showed me discipline, respect, courage and honor; I really do love it! I enjoy teaching, meeting new students and their parents, and being there for those students needing extra help. I hope one day I can meet my goal and become a Black Belt like my fellow class mates.

Favorite Activities:

Mentoring, teaching, sparring, dance, and socializing.


Yellow Belt November 16, 2007

Green Belt January 02, 2008

Blue Belt May 15, 2008

Brown Belt February 26, 2009

Red Belt September 12, 2009

Stephanie Yanez: 2nd Dan-Black Belt

I met Grandmaster Miller (GMM) when I was nine years old while living in the city of  Duarte, California through a friend in 1993. Later that week I started a new journey that would forever change my life by attending my first class in Taekwondo, Jidokwan. I remember at the time, I was a shy and insecure kid who was unmotivated and had trouble focusing in class. Today I better understand my insecurities when attending school stemmed from a learning disability known as level 4 Dyslexia; this went undiagnosed until after I graduated from high school.

Over the years while attending the many classes taught by GMM, I learned kicking, punching, throws, forms, and breaking; however, the real lessons I have come to understand and live by are with respect, confidence, focus and most important, humility. As I now understand, this acquired knowledge helped me through school, college and work. Furthermore, I am often complimented with my work ethic, respect for others and drive in the workplace. I sincerely and truly believe that I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not attended that first martial art class back in 1993. I am confident that with given an opportunity, I will pass this knowledge to onto others.

Favorite Activities:

Coming Soon


Promoted to Chief Instructor August 2011

Daniel Yanez: 1st Dan-Black Belt

I started studying martial arts with Grand Master Miller (GMM) when I was 10 years old. From that early age on, I knew I found an activity that would shape my personality for the rest of my life. His school TKD Ji Do Kwan also known as ‘Steve”s Karate” at the time of my first class taught me respect, discipline, and the value of hard work.Today at the age of 23, I am proud to say that I am a United States Marine. I believe the teachings of GMM have helped me to make an easier transition into the Marine Corps life. I took a few years off when GMM relocated his school up into the high dessert of Antelope Valley; however, I have begun my studies once again with GMM, and TKD Ji Do Kwan. I am currently training for my 2nd Dan test which is scheduled for January 30, 2010. I will continue on this path for a long time to come. OOORAH!

Favorite Activities:

Military Life

Firing my service rifle and pistol

Maintaing an effective health and wellness program

Sparring and Competitions

Teaching: There is no greater achievement than to pass knowledge to the younger masses.


Taking 2nd place in my first Martial Arts sparring competition at 10 years old

After training hard for four years; receiving my 1st Dan Black Belt

Within those four years of training, placing no lower than third in all sparring competitions our school was invited to for competition.

Becoming a United States Marine

Jackolyn Lara

Bio to follow