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May 18, 2013 AVMMA Championships

May 31st, 2013 by Steven H. Miller

Antelope Valley Mixed Martial Arts (AVMMA)


Family, Friends, and Associates of TKD Jidokwan, Los Angeles and Club Ki-Do of San Jose, Ca. want to congratulate Robert Dollinger of Lancaster California’s Force Five / “The Pit” Fighting Team directed by Professor Bob (AKA-Coach).

On Saturday, May 18, 2013, nine bouts took place at the renowned Big John McCarthy’s training center located in Valencia Ca. The house was filled with family, friends and practitioners of various forms of martial arts. By the time the first match started and the ringing of round-one bell, there was standing room only for the warriors who would put on a display of stand-up, throw-down, and ground techniques that would WOW the spectators delight.

Our profile fight of the night was Mr. Dollinger from Force Five Fight Team. He had an opportunity to take the first and open vacant Welter Weight Title, and accomplished this task in just over a minute into the first round with an arm bar take-down. The technique demonstrated by Mr. Dollinger from the standing position to the mat in just seconds was so fast, if you had blinked an eye you would have missed it. We congratulate him and his team for a fine performance that night, and look forward to his first defense of his Title in the near future.



Greg                          Robert                            GM Miller



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